Lipe Diaz was born on 24 April 1980 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He started off his comic book career in the indie comicbooks in his city. His first published work at USA appeared in 2010, drawing the William Shatner Presents: The TekWar Chronicles #5. He did five Tekwar´s issues, a graphic novel and the concept art for the comicbook Midadventures of Adam West for Bluewater productions.  Lipe later became a 2D game artist on Marvel Avengers Aliance Game for years. Having comics as his passion, he soon found himself working in short stories with comicbook writers like BuddyScallera( apocalypse Blv), Andrew Copolla( Heracles and Alexander, the great)  and Marta Tanrikulu. Lipe also owns a studio / art school in Rio de Janeiro, and provides services to companies .

R. Buenos Aires, 23 - 3 andar - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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